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Now to the reason this site exists. we are a not for profit organization committed to raising educational standards particularly in South Africa.
The South African Government must remember why it fought for power, to free the weak and oppressed not for a few politicians and business people to get rich. 

The South African public education system is still in crisis with no sign of any initiative coming from the government.
If you feel you can help please do or make a donation

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We have many committed people here that are doing what they can but with no support from the government they need financial support from you. Please help.
With no help from the government we will endeavor to get to every school eventually; we are working on it.
Michael Mulcahy
Add you schools fund-raising events on our fundraisers page. Or email me with your school's fund raising event details and I will add it onto the list.

South Africa has a mountain to climb in terms of achievement in general and mathematics in particular. This is a fact that has been known for some considerable time. Many researchers have investigated the problem to try to find where the problem lies whether it be the levels of poverty or poor teacher moral or that over 400,000 school age pupils do not attend school at all. In many cases there are no schools for them to attend. 

Pupils that do attend have such low pass rates (just 20% pass, in the UK they would be considered failed ) 

South African law states that every child of this nation is entitled to education

What they don't tell the world is a simple clause that includes:- "assuming funding is available"

In other words, they have a get out clause built into the law; so that they don't actually have to provide education for all, at all?

Mathbase programs. 

The Mathbase program was created in 2001 for pupils with Special Educational Needs at Horizon School in Hackney and is now use in more than 2000 schools across the UK and South Africa. 

It is especially useful for pupils with under achievement in maths that need a boost.

It also enables pupils to work more independently with less adult support. Despite this, its main use is in Key Stages 1 & 2 with pupils of all abilities.

Mathbase is a tool for making routine practice more fun and more efficient, achieving more in less time, with less photocopying, marking, and with greater independence on the part of the learner. Freeing the teachers to work with children having problems as well as with the more talented children. It can significantly increase achievement in basic maths; while also allowing more time for practical and whole class teaching.

The straight forward layout of Mathbase works well for learners of any age and can also support numeracy within the family setting. Adults at home will have little problem engaging with children using Mathbase.

The Mathbase clean and user friendly front end (interface). Virtually anyone can use it within seconds. It's simplicity hides a very powerful set of tools that rapidly trains anybody that uses it to become numerate in a very short period of time. We at lmnsoftware are committed to helping as many people as possible.

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